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Aliens is a video slot game created by Netent software, taking an extraterrestrial theme based on the 1986 film Aliens. This fantastic slot game will leave players with that great feeling you get after a thrilling experience. Aliens is a thriller film and in this video slot it really gives it justice. The symbols in the game represent the Alien creatures in the film, along with many other space themed symbols. Netent have really gone to great lengths to make this slot the best it can be, as they have with all of their video slots. Playing with 5 reels and 15 pay lines, this slot will really give you an out of this world experience. The slot is based on the sequel to the first film alien made in 1979, giving off the intense vibe you get when watching the blockbuster hit. As in all slot games you can alter your stake at any time during the game, your minimum bet will be 15p, for the high rollers you will be able to play a maximum bet of £150. The game will also include some of Netents amazing bonus features, the bonuses that can be played on Netent games are very popular. With Netent having created other space themed video slots such as Big Bang and Alien Robots, you could worry that maybe you will be playing the same game, but with the amazing techniques from the Netent team you will find that each game proves to be one of a kind, and this scary slot gives us a great taste as to what they can do. And this isn’t the first creepy type of slot Netent have brought to our attention with their Zombies video slot creating a stir in the scary quantity of online slots.

The Quality of Aliens Slot

I must say that the quality in the Aliens video slot is just stunning, viewing the game from a helmet camera gives it a real lifelike effect. On entering the Aliens slot you will be shown one of Netents famous intro clips, you will be able to watch the space craft landing on the deserted planet and get a view of the creepy Aliens that are showcased in the film. The graphics in this slot game are at a complete other level, just as watching the film you will get shivers from the creepy music, being able to bring back the horror felt when the film was first released in 1986. Selecting your stake, and viewing the spin button has also been taken into much detail. Using a futuristic control panel, Netent have gone all out to ensure this game feels as real as the film. The game is played quite quickly, playing the game i found that the spins were speedy enough that you didn’t find yourself yawning, but not to quick as to steal your money. I have found that many online slot games can do this, for more impatient players you can select a quick spin option, this can make it feel like the game is just eating your money. With the Aliens game taking a very casual speed you will still get an exciting time while still controlling the amount you spend easier.

Features and Bonuses

Netent have proved that when it comes to the Bonus features in their games, they really know what they are doing. With some exciting features that take you to exciting levels such as their hit game lights. The Aliens game will show you a fantastic time. For the bonus feature in this game you will play through three levels, the search, the encounter and then the hive. Your aim in the search is to fill your activity meter with high multipliers in doing so you will great bigger wins when you reach level 2. Level to will be the encounter, for this you will have symbols which will overlay, meaning that from the first spin in entering level 2 is a guaranteed win. Once you have completed level 2 you will then start with the hive, this great part of the feature will award a player 5 re-spins, you will be battling to destroy the queen in her hive, which can be done with one grenade and create the maximum wins.