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Attraction is one of Netents newest video slots, it is a 5 reel slot with 10 bet lines. The Attraction slot introduces the new magnet feature and this will be the main part of the slot. The slot takes place in a lab deep underground and you will play in hopes of getting the magnet feature as it will lead you to grabbing some amazing wins. As in many of the netent slots the wild symbols bring us something new and this works the same way in the Attraction slot. Taking a great theme or robotic looks and magnets the slot shows us great entertainment and a really great experience. You won’t really see many other slots like the Attraction game but if i were to compare it i would say it was like Space Wars or Alien Robots so if you enjoy these two video slots Attraction may be one you would find interesting. Offering free spins, sticky wilds and the new magnet feature Attraction is the perfect example of Netents continuous efforts to always bring us something never seen before like it always has done in the past. A very refreshing game many players will enjoy this when logging into their UK Netent Casino. Giving some good entertainment and some brilliant wins i am sure that the Attraction video slot will make a good impression among players at the Netent Casinos it is one definitely worth the try.

The Quality Of Attraction

Attraction is a very good looking slot game, it shows of the skills of the Netent team and offers us a fantastic style. The slot takes a sort of mechanical look so lots of nuts and bolts i the symbols and futuristic looking devices. Among the symbols in the slot you will see computers, radars and other types of gadgets. The symbols are quite strange but it is fun to watch the reels, being one of Netents animated slots it looks good and bright so you know it will be very entertaining. It seems to have a lot to do with science,m so you can tell that was the inspiration in the theme of the slot, looking to the background of the slot you can tell that you are working in a lab. You will see a work desk and cupboards it is all fun and pretty exciting. The reels have a good spin on them giving you a great fast paced game, you will also notice very high quality graphics and sounds when you play the slot. Netent always give us something good and entertaining to play and Attraction is exactly the same, very entertaining and a really enjoyable game to play. As in all of the other Netent slots you will be able to adjust your stake at any time unless you are in a feature. You will find that Attraction offers a minimum bet of 10p and a maximum of £100, making it an attractive slot for those who come for entertainment and for the high rollers that want that massive win.

Features and Bonuses

The Attraction slot offers some brilliant features in its slot, some will be brand new and some you may have seen before when playing at a UK Netent Casino. You will have the sticky wild feature like you see in the Muse and South Park slots. It also introduces the new magnet feature, this is a really great feature and i am sure many players will enjoy what it offers. During the slot you will have a magnet that will land either on top of a reel or to the side of the slot to land on a line. The magnet will randomly move itself around the reels at the beginning of each spin and each re-spin. When it dos it will show radiation on the symbols that land on the reels, if a wild symbol lands in the reel that has the magnet feature on it then the wild will spread left or right to fill in any symbols in its way, on doing so they will turn to wilds and stick on the reels for a re-spin. If a wild then appears on the re-spin the same will happen again and you will receive another free spin. This feature can create some amazing wins and makes the slot much more Attractive and entertaining. This slot is brilliant and electrifying, the graphics are amazing and offer some amazing wins. I am sure all UK Netent Casinos will be happy to have it arrive at their casinos.