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Blackjack Double Exposure


Netents Blackjack Double Exposure game is quite entertaining to play, the big difference between this game and a regular game of Blackjack is that you will see both of the dealers cards, rather than the one face up one face down situation you would usually see. In the game of Blackjack Double Exposure all bets will be payed at 1 to 1 this means that rather than the usual payout of 3:2. In a regular game of Blackjack the player usually has the higher advantage of winning, in Netents Blackjack Double Exposure your advantage increases because of the fact that you can see both of the dealers cards, this means that if they have 17 which they must stand on you will be able to see that and it will make your decision on whether to hit or stand even easier to make. Netents Blackjack Double Exposure table game is quite easy to play and understand and this has made it a lot more popular among UK Netent Casinos, it may not be as large as games such as Pontoon Pro or European Roulette bu it still takes in a good amount of players because it does hold such an advantage toward the player. When you load up Netents Blackjack Double Exposure game you will instantly be taken to the table, here you will be able to place up to 3 bets at a time, your minimum at the table will be 10p and a maximum bet of £500 can be placed on each bet. This is massive amounts so for high rollers playing it is a game that will be much enjoyed. Netent have put great detail into their table games and you will see this when you play, from the cards dealt to the chips you lay down everything is smooth and well thought out making it a very enjoyable version of Blackjack to play.

The Objective Of Blackjack Double Exposure

So the objective in the Blackjack Double Exposure table game is the same as in any game of Blackjack you will play. You are there to beat the dealer and win, this version of Blackjack has made it much more easier and exciting for the player to win. Although you cannot place a higher side bet and all wins are paid at the same rate it is still very interesting to play and will be found at most Netent Casinos. So you will be dealt as normal two cards in your hand, the same will go for the dealer but all cards dealt at the table will be face up so you will see exactly what you are playing against. The game will start as soon as you place your chips on the table and press deal, at that point the cards will be automatically dealt by the software, you will then make your decision after viewing your own cards and the dealers what your next move will be. In Blackjack Double Exposure depending on your and you will be given the option to either hit, stand or split your cards. The option of splitting your cards will arise when you are dealt two cards of the same value, by splitting the bet you will now have doubled the amount you placed on the table. After you have split your cards you will now be playing two different hands, so if you are placing three bets at the table and all three have the same value cards dealt you could find yourself playing 6 hands at once, but keep in mind when you split the hands you are now placing more chips on the table. Being able to view the dealers cards makes this game much more entertaining if you see they have 17 and you have 11 you already know that your chances of winning are extremely high.

The Strategy Of Blackjack Double Exposure

The strategy i Netents Blackjack Double Exposure is basically the same as you see in the regular Blackjack games. The strategy is all in the mathematics in the game, although choices are made easier with the exposure of both the dealers cards, you will work out from the size of your cards whether to hit or stand. So as an example if the cards are dealt and you hold a 12 and the dealer has 17, you will instantly know that they cannot retrieve anymore cards and have to stay on 17, so you will now be faced with the option of taking another card and the risk of maybe getting a 10 and busting or not, your best option is to take the risk obviously because if you do get a ten then your outcome will be the same as if you stood, but if you were to retrieve a lower card the bet would be in your favor. Playing at Netent Casinos it always seems that the player has a higher advantage with their high payout percentages and now with the Double Exposure game it makes it so much more popular to play.