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Blackjack Single Deck


Blackjack Single Deck is basically a regular game of Blackjack but made a lot simpler. You will only be able to be dealt one hand and the game will only be played with one deck of cards, usually Blackjack will be played with multiple decks of cards but this game is made so much easier. The payouts will still stay the same with a 3:2 payout on Blackjack and a 2:1 payout on insurance. In this game of Blackjack you will be welcomed at a regular table, Netent put great detail into their games and you will see this in the Blackjack Single Deck table game, each card hands the Netent logo on the back and you will see that the table is set out as you would see it in a land based casino. You will be able to place a minimum bet of £1 on this game and a maximum of £40 which of course can be doubled in a bet making the game suitable for all players who enjoy playing card games. Whether you are a high roller or like small bets you will find that the Blackjack Single Deck game is very exciting and easy to understand. At Netent Casinos you will find many variety of their Blackjack games such as the Blackjack Pro and the Blackjack Double Exposure games, having a great variety makes playing online much more interesting for players as you wouldn’t normally see these types when playing in a land casino, and that is why gamblers turning to online casinos has become much more popular.

The Objective of Blackjack Single Deck

For players who frequently enjoy a game of Blackjack you will already know the ins and outs of how to play and what you aim to do. You are basically playing to beat the dealers hand, in Blackjack Single Deck this can be made much easier as there is only one deck of cards used in the game. When you play online using Netents Software you will find it much more quicker and easier as the software will deal the cards and do all of the counting for you. You will notice that when your hand is dealt to the top right corner of your cards a number will show, this will be the value of your hand. In Blackjack Single Deck the same riles will apply and you will be dealt two cards in your hand face up and the dealer will also be dealt two cards with one face down and the other face up. This gives you a little advantage as you can see on of the dealers cards and that will help you towards the decision you make. So in the game of Blackjack Single Deck you will be placed at the table and you will find your chips at the bottom right of the screen, you will select your chip amount and place your bets on the table on doing so you will then select to deal the cards and the game will begin, you will instantly be dealt your cards and then the dealer and at this point depending on the cards you have you will be asked if you would like to hit, stand, double, split or get insurance on your card, as said what options are given will depend on the two cards you have been dealt.

The Strategy Of Blackjack Single Deck

When it comes to the strategy of Netents Blackjack Single Deck table game you will find that it is the same as in the regular games of Blackjack. Once your cards are dealt you will take into consideration the value of your hand and then view the one card of the dealers that you can see, this is how you will play out the game. The strategy in Blackjack is all about your value of cards, now if you have a high value of cards and the dealer also has a high card then you will more than likely stand on what you have because of the outcome you will face. There is some skill needed when playing this card game, maybe not as much as you would see in a game of Poker. The dealer must always stand on 17, this doesn’t mean that the dealer cannot get larger than 17 it just means that if he deals his cards and has that value he must stick. This is great information for the player and you will use it to your advantage when you play your hand. Playing Blackjack Single Deck at a UK Netent Casino is great you will find that you can get some good wins and advantage against the dealer, in this game playing your cards right really will see you well in the end.