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Blackjack is one of the biggest played card games in online casinos and land based casinos. Becoming hugely popular among all card players, you will use skill to try and beat the dealer’s hand. When you play Netents Blackjack game you will be given the option to bet on 3 hands and also a side bet. So on the basis that you have only bet one hand, you will be dealt two cards and then the dealer will be dealt two cards, your hand will be shown face up and the dealers hand will have on card face up and the other will be down. Once the cards have been dealt you will make your decision on whether to hit or stand and then the game will play out from there. For those who are common players of Blackjack you will already be familiar with how the game plays out and for those who are new to tha game, it is very easy to pick up on and although there is a little skill to the game you will ease into it nicely. Netent have created a brilliant game with their Blackjack table, the whole look of it is smooth and very detailed. You will view it on the regular green table, there you will see three card symbols where you will place your chips to bet and to the top left corner at each betting station you will see a small circle the size of a chip with the J symbol in it. When viewing Netents Blackjack table it is almost as if you are sat in a casino, every detail is there and it shows great style and graphics. You will see to the dealers side of the table the card box with the Netent logo on it you will also view the different colored chips, the table has a brilliant look and you can see that Netent have gone all out so that the player gets a brilliant experience while playing.

The Objective Of Blackjack

Blackjack is a well known game so you will already understand that you are playing to beat the dealer’s hand. When you load the Netents Blackjack you will instantly be brought to the table, you will find your chips to the bottom right of the screen and you will be able to play chips as high as £100 per chip. In the game of Blackjack you will see that the chips and these amounts will be of different colours as you would see in a casino. There are many different ways to play a game of Blackjack, in Netents game you will be able to place three bets at a time but you will also find that there is a side bet available, this is the double jack side bet and it can pay out up to a massive 100x your bet. To place a bet on the double jack side bet you will need to have first placed your main bet, to win the side bet  you will need a jack to be the first hand dealt to you. If you get a double jack then you will receive a larger payout, placing a side bet is not necessary so you do not need to do it. When you play Blackjack you can only bet on your own hand, not like in the game of Baccarat where you can choose your own on the bankers hand  so all bets will be on your own cards that have been dealt. You will make your decision based on the amount you have and hope to have beaten the dealers. As said your two cards will be dealt face up and the dealer will have one card on show and one will be hidden after you have been dealt and made the decision to hit or stand the dealer’s second card will be revealed. The dealer must stand on 17 so this gives you a little bit of an advantage against him.

The Strategy Of Blackjack

The strategy in Blackjack is all about the maths. When you play there are certain ways to win and get a better hand against the dealer, so the first hand we will aim at is the obvious Blackjack, now although Blackjack equals 21 getting 21 does not always equal Blackjack, for example if you were dealt a 7 and 4 then you hit and received a 10 this would give you 21 but will not be Blackjack To get Blackjack it has to be in the first two cards dealt to you and will be made up of either ace and ten, or ace and a face card (king, queen, jack) this will equal Blackjack and you will instantly win the hand. To get Blackjack requires no skill that is purely based on luck in the hand that you are dealt. But other than that there are ways that you can give yourself a better advantage against the dealer, the way to do this is by examining the cards you have been dealt and the card of the dealers that you can see. The dealer must stand on 17 so if he is dealt a 6 or below and you have a high number your best bet is to stand in hopes the dealer has to give himself many cards and either hit 17 or bust. Now it is not always the case that he will lose on a hand like this but it is a lot more likely that he will. When you are dealt your cards you will be shown by the Netent software what you have and then will base your next decision on this, there is a lot more to it than just hit and stand also. You will be given options such as to double your bet or even split the cards and by making the right choice you can double your win and create a better win for yourself. Blackjack is well played among Netent Casinos because the player does have a higher advantage against the dealer and there is good skill involved in playing.