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Caribbean Stud Poker


Caribbean Stud Poker is a standard Caribbean Poker game, you will play at a very well set out Poker table making you feel like you are sat in a real casino and not at home on your computer. Netent are great at giving players the real life experience, you will always find that their games give us life like effects not only in the look but in the sounds that they offer, you will hear the cards being dealt along with some background music while you play. Poker is a widely played game and many players search for a great software to play there games on and Netent gives you the great casino experience when you play. You will be brought to the Poker table where you will see the places to put your chips, you will have your main ante bet along with the side bet that will qualify you towards winning the jackpot available. Your chips will value from £1 to £10 and once you have placed your bets on the ante and side bet, if chosen the cards will be dealt. You will be dealt 5 cards and so will the dealer, when this is done you will see that the dealer has four cards face down and one card face up. You will analyse the cards you have and then make to choice to either fold or call your bet. Once you have made the decision the dealers four face down cards will be revealed and any wins will be paid. If you have chosen to make a side bet then you will need to take this into consideration when you make the choice to fold or call the bet. You are playing against the dealer in this Poker game so you can base your decision on the one card that is shown from the dealers hand.

The objective Of Caribbean Stud Poker

The objective in Caribbean Stud Poker is to hold a hand that beats the dealers, this is how the game will be played and making the right choices when you play will make the bets be paid out in your favour. If you call a hand then your bet will be doubled so you need to remember that if you feel you hold a weak hand how much you are willing to lose. A game of Poker requires skill and thought so it is probably best not to rush any decisions. It is not like a game of Blackjack, even though thought goes into Blackjack there are only two cards involved so it is much easier to base your decisions when you can see one of the dealers cards. Poker is much more advanced and does require a lot of thought in the game. You will want to ensure that you have a strong hand that is sure to beat what the dealer has. Playing a game of Caribbean Stud Poker can be a little more relaxing than a regular Poker game, this is for a few reasons, firstly it is just you and the dealer so there are no other players at the table to worry about it is a straight through one on one game and this makes it more chilled out to play. Also you have to remember that you are playing at an online casino so you decide on everything from when to deal to when to fold or call so you can take as much time as you need. Although it is not a game where you can decide what cards are dealt you still have a little control on what you do.

The Strategy Of Caribbean Stud Poker

When you play a game of Caribbean Stud Poker you should remember that it is you against the dealer, there is no other players involved when you play. So when it comes to the strategy of playing it seems a lot easier, you will check the value of the hand you have and the one card you have been shown by the dealer and base your decision on this to ensure your hand holds greater value than you see from the dealer. Caribbean Stud Poker has become very popular among UK Netent Casinos not only because it is a relaxed interesting game to play but because there is also a jackpot involved when you play, whether you put a bet on the side bet is completely up to you and it is only a bet of £1 no more or less so it is maybe worth the play. In order to win the jackpot the dealers cards do not come on to play it is all based on the hand that you hold so you must always think of this when you are playing your hand. The strategy is to think hard and base your decisions wisely against the dealer so if you feel like you do not have a strong enough hand then you should fold and only lose your initial bet rather than lose double the amount when you call. When you play a game of Caribbean Stud Poker it is all in your hands so the choice is all yours when you play.