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Terms & Conditions

Caribbean Stud


Caribbean Stud is an online Poker game where the player will bet against the dealers hand and you will find a jackpot in the game. You will place your bet on the ante and if desired a £1 bet on the progressive jackpot, on doing so you will be dealt 5 cards and so will the dealer. All cards will be dealt face down for the dealer except on of their cards that will be face up, you will examine the hand that you have and make your decision on whether to double up your bet or fold. If you fold all bets will be lost including the jackpot bet if you had chose to put it on. If you have decided to call the bet your stake will be doubled and the dealers four other cards will be revealed, the dealer must have an ace and a king or higher in order to qualify for the game. It is a good game to play and the Netent software makes it even more attractive, with amazing graphics and a real looking table to play at. It is an automated table do the software will deal your cards and basically do all of the work for you when you play the only thing that is up to you is the decisions that are made and if you feel that the hand you have is strong enough then you will call the bet. Being able to see one of the dealers cards can give you a little advantage as you will be slightly more prepared for what they have.

The Objective Of Caribbean Stud

The objective in the Caribbean Stud game is very much the same as you will see in most card games, to have a higher hand than the dealer. You will find that this is how it works in most card games whether you are playing Blackjack or Casino Hold’Em. Caribbean Stud is played pretty well among the UK Netent Casinos as the software provided is smooth and shows you the best experience. Playing online you will find that you are offered a much quicker game as it is only you against the dealer and the dealer is the software so it plays out pretty quick, or as long as you need as you control when the game starts you will decide when to call or fall so it is all in your hands how it plays. You will take good care in examining the cards that you hold because your bet will be raised if you call it and if you do not have a strong hand then you are less likely to have the winning hand so it does take making the right decisions and getting it right. It is more than just clicking a button and hoping  for the best, Poker is played all over the world and a good amount of skill does go into the game with many people playing Poker tournaments in casinos and in online casinos, it is a huge game and has been played for a very long time. You will always find free play at Netent Casinos so if you feel you would like to try out the game first then that is always possible.

The Strategy Of Caribbean Stud

When it comes to the strategy of playing Caribbean Stud it is all about the decision you make. You will always find that not every hand you have will win because that is just against the odds, but by making the right choices while you play you will be able to give yourself a better advantage against the Casino. It is all down to whether you should raise or not, if you raise then you are putting more money on the table meaning that if the dealers hand is stronger than yours you will lose more than you initially put down. However by making the right choices you can come out on top. If you feel that your hand is weak then you can decide to fold and if the outcome is that the dealer had a stronger hand than you then you will not have lost any extra bets that were put on the table and this will be more in your favour. Bearing in mind that just because you do not have a very strong hand that does not mean that the dealer absolutely has a better hand than you, you do not know what will happen when the dealer’s cards are revealed, it is a came of concentration, risk and making the right decisions when you play. Getting onto the fact that there is a progressive jackpot in the Caribbean Stud Poker game makes it so much more attractive, if you place a side bet on the progressive jackpot this will be worked on the cards that you have and does not depend on whether you beat the dealer or not. This makes it a little more complicated because if you are playing the jackpot hand you have to take that into account when playing. If you see that your hand will not beat the dealer but will win the side bet then you have to take that into consideration so you don’t miss out on that win.