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Casino Holdem


Casino Hold’Em is one of Net Entertainments fantastic poker games, you will play at a well detailed table with a smooth look giving you a real feel of playing in a casino. You will play against the Casino in this game and will be given the added option of an AA bonus, if you choose to play this bonus you will win if a pair of aces or higher are dealt in your first hand. When you log into your UK Netent Casino and load up the Casino Hold’Em table game you will be taken straight to the table and you will find your chip size collection to the bottom right of the screen, your minimum bet on the table will be £1. You will place your initial bet on the ante and then if you feel like doing so a bet can be placed on the AA bonus. Once you are happy with the bet that has been selected you will press deal, two cards will be dealt to you and the dealer and three community cards will be dealt in the centre of the table. The dealers cards will be dealt face down so you will not know what they hold. You will evaluate your cards and then make your decision on whether you would like to fold or call your bet, if you feel you have a good hand and call this will double your bet and two more cards will be dealt to the centre of the table. Once all cards are dealt the dealers hand will be revealed and all wins will be paid. Your value of cards on getting a win will work as so, straight or less, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and then finally the royal flush. As in all games of Poker a royal flush will payout the highest.

The Objective of Casino Hold’Em

The objective in the game of Casino Hold’Em is to get a hand that is better than the dealers. Once your hand has been dealt you will then work out from your cards and the community cards in the centre of the table whether you feel you have a hand that is worth playing, obviously if you see potential for a flush you will call your bet. You will find that there are many different versions of online Poker so different rules can appeal, in Netents game of Let It Ride you are not playing against the Casino and in this version you will be playing against the dealers hand. So when you play you will always be hoping that the value of your cards is better than what the dealer holds. There is a certain skill in playing a game of Poker it is not the same as maybe playing a game of French Roulette where you are hoping that your number comes in, there is a lot more thought that goes into a game of Casino Hold’Em and you are trying to make the decision that works in your best interest. You will see that Casino Hold’Em is pretty large among Netent Casinos and with their brilliant graphics in the game you will get the ultimate experience while playing the popular card game.

The Strategy Of Casino Hold’Em

Now you may not find that there is a certain strategy when it comes to playing the game of Casino Hold’Em, for those who have played Netents Texas Hold’Em you will find that the games are quite similar with just a few differences. In Casino Hold’Em you will play to have a good value of cards, now you will never know what you are about to be dealt or what cards are going to be revealed from the dealer so you are in hopes that the decision you have made is the right on and you have made the right choice from the cards in your hand and the community cards in the centre of the table. There is of course the bonus bet, this is all about luck, as i have said you have no way of knowing what cards are about to be put in your hand so placing a bet on the AA bonus is all about whether the aces or higher come in. If you do decide to play the bonus bet and it does come in then you will be paid out at 7 – 1on a pair or straight and 25 – 1 for a flush, so the payout will be quite high making it more desirable to place a chip on. When you are making the choice to either fold or call on your hand make sure it is made wisely because once you have made the decision to call your bet will instantly be doubled. The game is great to play and is big among UK Casinos but i would maybe suggest trying some practise play before you go putting real chips on the table so that you fully understand how this Poker game is played.