Common Draw Blackjack

Common Draw Blackjack


Common Draw Blackjack may sound a little more complicated than a standard game of Blackjack but is a very simple game to understand and you are basically playing by the same rules. Netents Common Draw Blackjack game is played live, so you do get to experience the real casino effects. The difference between Netents Live Blackjack table and the Common Draw Blackjack is that in a game of standard Live Blackjack only 7 people can play. In Common Draw Blackjack the amount of players is not limited. So you can have a lot of players at the table. How the game works is very simple and you will still have your own screen but bets will be on a timer so that the game does not drag on. Firstly the game is played with decks of cards, they will be shuffled before every Live game. You will be presented with a live dealer and at a Live Blackjack table, so unlike the automated game where your cards appear in front of you, you will see real cards being dealt. The game starts with a timer and when it hits zero all players who are in the game must have placed their first initial bets. The dealer will then deal out the cards, two will be dealt to you and one face up to the dealer. When these two cards are dealt everyone who is playing will have the same hand. Each individual player will ten be given the option to make their next round of bets, it will be once again on a timer and when the timer reaches zero all bets should be finalised. You can make your choice to hit, stand or double up if appropriate. Once done all players who chose to stand will be frozen from the game as it plays on. If you have chosen to hit then the dealer will then reveal the next card, once again all players that have selected hit will receive the same hand. After all is done the dealer will reveal their second card face up and all valid wins will be paid.

The Objective Of Common Draw Blackjack

In Common Draw Blackjack the objective is exactly the same as in any game of standard Blackjack. To reach 21 or as close to it as possible. Once you have been dealt the two cards and the dealer has theirs on show you will make your decision on what bet to make next. If you feel the hand is strong and you ca win from what you have then you will stand on your cards, if you feel it can be better then hit. The game of Common Draw Blackjack is simple, it is very popular and it is still your one on one game with the dealer. The only huge difference is the amount of people playing, as in a casino you still only have a small amount of people at a Blackjack table, this game allows so many more people and anyone can join in. Playing this table game at your UK Netent Casino will be very exciting, it is a completely new way to enjoy the game of Blackjack and it is entertaining. When you play the game of Common Draw Blackjack there is nothing new that you need to do, you will still play the exact same as a standard gam, but you will be on a timer so decisions being made will be on a limited time. Not so quick that you have to rush your decision but quick enough that no one is hanging around too long. What is quite exciting about Common Draw Blackjack is the amount of people playing, if you were dealt an ace and a queen, and the dealer received a 7 then you instantly know everyone at that table now has Blackjack and has won so that is a thrill in itself.

The Strategy Of Common Draw Blackjack

Playing Common Draw Blackjack is easy and the strategy is all in the value of your cards. You are playing to hit 21, so you will receive your hand and then evaluate what you have and the one card you can see of the dealers. You will base your decision in the game on them three cards you can see. If you feel you have a strong enough hand to beat the dealer your decision is made very simple. However if you have a more complicated and strategy is no longer a thought, it becomes all about the risk. In a game of Blackjack risk is a big factor, if you are dealt a 14 and you see the dealer has a 7 then things become more complicated. you can hit and pray for a 7 or lower, or you can stand and hope that the dealer goes bust. The risk is in which choice to make and there is no strategy for this, your decision is all yours and the outcome is what it is. It makes Common Draw Blackjack very entertaining to play, and for those who love to take the risk its a game you will enjoy. In a standard game of Blackjack the decisions made by other players can affect your hand, this is the same in Common Draw Blackjack and it can’t be avoided. If you are willing to take the risk in this fantastic card game you can find yourself going very far.