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European Roulette


Roulette is a massive table game that you will find to be one of the biggest table games to played in not only online casinos but land based casinos also. Netents European Roulette wheel is thrilling and has brilliant graphics. You will find that there are quite a few difference between playing Netents European Roulette wheel online and playing at a Roulette wheel in an actual casino. Firstly you will find that your games will play out so much quicker, this is mainly because it is only you at the table wit an automated wheel. You will be the one that sets of the Roulette wheel, although you don’t decide on the speed of the wheel spinning it is your choice when the ball drops in. So while you are playing at the European Roulette wheel your spins bets will play through quicker and at you own speed. This is all because when you are in a land based casino you will have other players at the table with you, this means that you will have to wait for others to place their bets and if you are at a full table then it can take a while to start the game off. The European Roulette game is set out pretty standard, you will play on a wheel that offers the numbers from 0 – 36. Netents look on the table is brilliant, you will see the green mat out in front of you and this is where you will place your bets, the numbers on the Roulette wheel will be of traditional colors red and black. You will also find that to the right of the screen you will have a smaller screen that will show you which numbers are hot and cold in the game. To the back of the Roulette wheel you will notice that the game is taking place on a casino floor, it is detail like this that makes playing at Netent Casinos so much more interesting and entertaining.

The Objective Of European Roulette

The objective of European Roulette is very simple, to pick the right numbers on the wheel. So the basic layout of Netents European Roulette wheel is as so, you will have your mat placed out in front of you on the table. The numbers on the table will read from zero to thirty six, along with these you will notice many side bets that you are able to play. The side bats will include placing a bet on wither the first 12 numbers, the second 12 numbers and on the third 12 numbers. Other than these side bets you can also place a bet on odd, even, 1 – 18 and 19 – 36. Having the ability to make as many bets as this will increase your chance of getting a win. You will select your chip amount that will range from £1 to £25, the chips will come in different colors for different chip amounts and you can play with a small amount if that is what suits you or for those high rollers you can play with a larger stake. You will select your chip amount and then you will place them on your desired numbers. When you play Roulette you are given the option to not only place a bet directly onto a number but also there will be side bets available on the actual numbers, this will be either between two numbers or on a corner bet which will select the four surrounding numbers. Placing your bets is completely your choice and it is up to you ho many numbers you play and how much you put on. There is no limit on your amount of numbers on the European Roulette wheel so if you really wanted to you can play every number, but it is very doubtful that you would make a profit from doing this.

The Strategy Of European Roulette

The real strategy to playing the European Roulette table game is very simple, pick the right number. There isn’t any skill needed in the game of Roulette it is all about placing the right bet and hoping the number comes in. When you play European Roulette at a UK Netent Casino you will see another difference from playing at a live table, and this is very clearly that you are playing on an automated wheel, this means you will get a fair game from the Netent software. So you will load up your European Roulette table and then start to place your bets, once you have put all of your desired chips on the table and feel happy with your bet you will then select spin, the wheel will spin and the ball will be dropped in and you will watch in hope that your number comes in. If there were to be a certain skill to playing at a Roulette wheel it would maybe be to pick a certain are of the wheel so you will pick your number and place your main bet on this, then select numbers that surround yours and place some smaller bets on these. Now there is no telling whether the area you have chosen will even come in but this gives you a better advantage so that if the ball does drop around the number you have selected you will still win something back by placing a bet on a surrounding number. The European Roulette wheel is very big among the Netent Casinos and probably always will be it is a game of pure luck and can hand out some massive wins if you pick that right number.