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Fisticuffs Touch

Fisticuffs Touch®


Fisticuffs Touch® is a brilliant boxing themed slot from Net Entertainment, after proving ti be very popular among UK Netent Casinos it has been added for the mobile players to enjoy. Playing on your mobile is a fantastic advantage to online casino players We take our mobiles everywhere we go and most of the people living in the UK will own a mobile or tablet device, we can access the internet and play at UK Casinos that offer their sites to mobiles so now having one of the leading software providers giving us access to some of their biggest slots is fantastic. Fisticuffs Touch® will give you thrills and entertainment as you spin the reels and uncover some amazing bonus rounds that are enjoyable and will hand out some hefty wins. Playing a slot like this will interest many players, boxing is a well known and well enjoyed sport so you know that a lot of the players that come to Netent Casinos and want to play on their mobiles will love the fact that a game withsuch a great theme is available to play. Fisticuffs will introduce you to two fun characters and will show us symbols that have everything to so with the sport of  boxing. Fisticuffs is an animated video slot that we play on our mobile and as well as being able to enjoy this animated sensation Netent have also brought us Flowers Touch® and Disco Spins Touch®, both animated slots and both filled with exciting bonuses for players to enjoy.

The Quality Of Fisticuffs

From the moment you start to play Fisticuffs you will see that it offers high quality graphics and sounds. Just because you are playing on your mobile which is much smaller than a desktop doesn’t mean that the quality will be any less great. The graphics in the game are fantastic and will give you that exciting rus that you look for when playing at one of the Netent Casinos. In the Fisticuffs game you will see that it is inspired by the boxing sport, in the game you will see two boxing characters which are quite comical as ne is very large and meaty and the other is a small older man and you just wouldn’t picture two boxers looking like this, it is Netent’s take on boxing and it is absolutely fascinating. Among other symbols in the game you will see belts, boxing gloves and wild symbols. The quality is outstanding and with the great sounds that the slot offers you will set it to full volume and get the feeling that you are in a boxing arena with the chanting crowds. Neent have brought a brilliant game to their Touch® collection and we know many players will be happy having it available on the go.

Features and Bonuses

The feature that you see in Fisticuffs is quite unique, in order to trigger the bonus round you will need the two characters to lan in the reels next to each other. When the characters do start the bonus you will see a spotlight shine on them and then the ringing of the bell, on that note the boxing round 1 will start. In the round the characters will have their boxing match and when they swing their punches they will create a free spin and turn some of the symbols into wilds. This bonus round is extremely fun and entertaining it makes the slot much more interesting and has such a brilliant look to it, bringing the whole theme of the slot together in the bonus. You will see when playing the Fisticuffs Touch® slot that you will get more than just a regular wild symbol, you will also find that they offer stacked wilds these types of wilds can offer some great payouts for players In the Fisticuffs Touch® slot the main attraction will be on the wild symbols that we see and these will help to create big wins and a more entertaining game.