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French Roulette


Netents French Roulette wheel is a very exciting table to play at, you can place many different bets on the French Roulette table this can be on direct numbers and inside and outside bets. Now when you play at the French Roulette table you may see the differences between this and the European Roulette table from Netent, this is not mainly the way that the game is played but more the look of the table. So when you see the French Roulette table you will instantly notice that rather than the regular green table we see this will be blue, you will also see that the layout is different. In the European Roulette table you will see that all of the betting spaces are underneath the numbers of the table, in French Roulette all of the bets will be situated around the table. The numbers will still be shown in the center but the outside betting areas will circle it rather than being straight underneath. You will also see on the table that the bets can be read in English and French, along with reading the minimum and maximum bets and on the screen you will see what numbers are hot and cold. The numbers in the French Roulette game will still be the same as we see in all, with zero always being green and the rest will be red and black, Netents French Roulette game has become very popular among the UK Netent Casinos and with the three main Roulette tables being European, American and French Roulette you are certain to find it at any Netent Casino.

The Objective Of French Roulette

The aim of the game is the same as at any Roulette table, you will choose where you would like to place your bet and then spin the wheel in hopes of choosing the correct number in your bet. Now there are many bets that can be placed on the French Roulette table, it is not as simple as having 37 numbers and picking one, well at least not if you want to play a more interesting game, but if you feel like you would just like to place a bet on one number only then that is your game to play. But there are so many choices when playing Roulette as to where to put your chips, firstly we have the direct numbers, now these are from Zero to thirty six. If you choose one or more direct numbers you will select your chip amount and place them on the numbers you would like, now if you would like to go a little further we have the inside bets. Inside bets are still made up of the numbers in the inside area of the table, and you can place a chip in between two numbers, this would be a split bet so lets say you chose the numbers 8 and 11, if you were to put a £1 chip between the two then that would be a split bet and would work as if you had 50p on each number. Next we have the corner bet, a corner bet is when you place your chip on the corner of four numbers and then you would be playing all four in that bet. After that you will have your outside bets, these are made up of 9 different categories. So o your outside bets you can place your chips on either 1 – 18, 19 -36, odd, even, red, black or the three 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 bets. Although this seems a little complicated in writing it really isn’t. When you play outside bets at casinos you may find that there is a minimum bet that has to be put down that does not take place in the inside table, in Netents game of French Roulette this is £1 you may find some games can be larger than this. French Roulette is a simple game to play and shows of that a lucky player can get very big wins.

The Strategy Of French Roulette

As in all games of Roulette the real strategy is to put your bets on the winning number. French Roulette requires no skills at all, now for those who have maybe lucky numbers these may be what you choose to bet on at the table, some players may place there bets on gut instinct and some may have worked out there own system on how they place there bets. No matter how you play there is no way of you being able to know what number will come out next the wheel is automatic in French Roulette which is why this particular game is purely luck. So when it comes to having a strategy on playing French Roulette there isn’t one to tell you about, it is not like a game of Poker where skill is involved in the game, you are choosing numbers to bet on and hoping they come out When it comes to placing outside bets you may find that you could get a higher chance of winning, because you can pick a block of numbers to bet on. Placing an outside bet on the block of numbers may not payout as much as putting a bet on a direct number but for example if you chose to bet on the 1st 12 numbers you have a 1 in three chance of winning but a direct number you have a one in 37 chance of winning. So for those players who come to te Netent Casinos to pay French Roulette to just build up there account balance this could be the way to go and for the high rollers you may find more excitement and results by placing your big bets on the direct numbers.