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Jack Hammer 2 Touch

Jack Hammer 2 Touch®


If you haven’t already guessed Jack Hammer 2 Touch® is the sequel to Jack Hammer Touch®. These games both take a detective theme and for those who loved the first Jack Hammer game you will be just as impressed with the second. If you have ever seen a film and they decide to ruin it by bringing out a second film, well in this case that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes Jack Hammer Touch® isn’t a film it is a mobile slot, but still the thought of two games that would be basically the same is a bit off putting. Although the games do hold a few of the same features they are very different and the Jack Hammer 2 Touch® slot introduces us to some fresh and exciting features in the slot. You will still see that exciting sticky win but the slot also holds the random wilds. Taking a slot and making it into a sequel is quite interesting and even if it hadn’t of been good you would want to try it anyway just to see. Jack Hammer 2 Touch® is brilliant and it is even better now that we have it on our mobiles. As the Jack Hammer games made it quite popular at UK Netent Casinos, players will be delighted to see that they can also be played on mobile and tablet devices.

The Quality Of Jack Hammer 2 Touch®

The quality in the Jack Hammer 2 Touch® is just as great as we see not only in the first Jack Hammer Touch® game but as we see in all of the Touch® collection. It is great that Netent kept the 15 spinning reels, personally i think this is a great Touch® to the slot and gives us something better to enjoy rather than seeing the same thing in every game. Keeping that comic book look in Jack Hammer 2 Touch® but with an even more detailed slot. You will find that the Jack Hammer games do have a story to them and in this one Jack Hammer is rescuing a kidnapped woman, it is funny and it is entertaining, just what we need when playing online. You will see many different symbols throughout th slot and it really does take the comic book effect, with little speech bubbles and fun characters the slot shows all players a fun entertaining game. The only crime style slots that have made it to the Touch® collection, but you will find that there are a few offered in the video slots on desktop such as Crime Scene and Thief. You will be able to adjust everything in the slot just as you normally would, the only difference is that you need to swipe your screen in order to do so. But it is possible to adjust bets to your liking and also select the auto spin.

Features and Bonuses

The Jack Hammer 2 Touch® slot is pouring with different features and bonuses. Taking the sticky win feature that we have seen in the first Jack Hammer Touch® slot. For those who have already played the Jack Hammer games you will understand but we will get into what it actually is. A sticky win is almost like a sticky wild symbol but better. When you create a win line in the slot, all symbols in that win line will stick to their reels and create a respin, by doing this you can create more wins in your game and it will also count as free spins so you get the best of both. Free spins are also available in the Jack Hammer 2 Touch® slot, in order to activate the free spins you will need 5 or more free symbols to appear anywhere on the reels, this feature can give up to 20 free spins, a little less that the Jack Hammer Touch® slot but still a very decent amount to receive. Now onto the random wilds, you will not find these in the first Jack Hammer Touch® slot. The random wilds only appear in the free spin feature, they will randomly appear anywhere in the slot and will substitute for all other symbols in the game except the regular wild and the free spins. For players who enjoy playing at a UK Netent Casino on their mobile you will live having the Jack Hammer 2 Touch® available it brings something new to the slot and shows a very entertaining experience.