Jack Hammer Touch®

Jack Hammer Touch®


The Jack Hammer games are pretty popular among UK Netent Casinos. In the Jack Hammer Touch® slots you see many unique features that you won’t see among the other Netent slots. One feature is the fact that the reels in the slot are not how we usually see them, instead of 5 spinning reels you will get 15 individual spinning reels. Having a look like this is very entertaining and is just something fresh for players to see. In the Jack Hammer Touch® slot you will find Sticky wins and wild symbols, both of these together will create some massive wins for players. The slot shows you a fun, entertaining game and many players do enjoy the slot when coming to UK Netent Casinos. Jack Hammer does have a sequel to it and you can also play it on mobile, that Jack Hammer Touch® 2 slot is just as inventive and fresh as the first. Many different characters will arise while you play and will introduce you to some even better win lines. For players who enjoyed the Jack Hammer games on desktop, you will be very impressed with how the game plays on mobile. You will still see all of the same great features and bonuses and the only real difference is the smaller screen and if you chose to play the game on your tablet you won’t see much difference at all.

The Quality Of Jack Hammer Touch®

You will see that the Jack Hammer Touch® game shows amazing quality in its graphics and sounds. The theme in this slot is one of a detective, solving crimes and rescuing hostages is what Jack Hammer does in this fantastic Mobile game. With the feature of 15 spinning reels it makes the slot so much more enjoyable. When you look at the Jack Hammer Touch® slot you will see that Netent have taken a comic book look. From the way that the symbols and reels in the games look it is almost as if you are looking at the pages from a comic and that is what makes this slot so different. Netent have brought us animated slots and hit movie slots that take a life like effect, to now have a slot that has a completely different style to it is so refreshing. On entering a bonus feature in Jack Hammer Touch® you will still notice the same great quality that we find in the main game. Mobile slots are always getting bigger, Netent have definitely taken the lead. Although they only list a short number of Touch® games the ones chosen are not only brilliant but very popular and it is nice that we can enjoy a mobile game that has more to offer than the average slot.

Features And Bonuses

In the Jack Hammer Touch® slot you won’t find multiplier metre we get in Big Bang Touch®, the lined wilds from Frankenstein Touch® or the stacked wilds that we see in Flowers Touch®. Jack Hammer Touch® brings us the sticky win, in order to get a sticky win you will need either three, free spin symbols or just a win line. A sticky win is a really great feature to have and it works as so. If you create a win line then all symbols in the win will stick to the reels and all other symbols will begin a respin, if you once again create a win line then them symbols will also stick and so on. The sticky wins can pay huge if they really decide to work in our favour. Getting onto the fact that Jack Hammer Touch® offers free spins, this is not activate the way that we would normally see it in a Netent video slot. As there ate 15 spinning reels in the slot the game plays a lot better and you see a lot more of the different symbols. In order to activate the free spins feature you will need 5 free spin symbols to appear anywhere in the reels. When you do activate the feature you can get up to a massive 30 free spins, this will all be decided by how many free spin symbols appear in the reels. Jack Hammer Touch® is very exciting and offers an entertaining experience for players at UK Netent Casinos.