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Jack Hammer


Jack Hammer is well known among UK Netent players, the action filled game is there to thrill and entertain and it does both truly well. The Jack Hammer games are quite unique, playing like no other slot. When you usually play on a Netent slot game you will find the regular spinning of 5 reels, or the adventurous free fall slots, but Jack Hammer takes a completely different turn. Rather than the 5 reels spinning, each individual symbol will have its own spin, baring in mind they do not spin one at a time, but all in a sequence to create 15 spinning reels. This is yet another way from Net Entertainment to bring us something innovative. The slot itself takes a detective theme much like you would find when playing the Crime Scene Slot game. You will go among the underworld of a private With new features and bonus rounds Jack Hammer is a great slot to play and you are sure to enjoy it. You will find the Jack Hammer games at many UK Netent casinos and it is one you are sure to enjoy.

The Quality of Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer takes a completely different look to what you usually see from Netent, don’t get me wrong the graphics are fabulous and you will have lots of fun watching the 15 reel spin. But you will see a huge difference in looks when you compare Jack Hammer to slots such as Safari Madness. The slot takes the look of what you would see in a comic book, the way that Netent have twisted this in is quite fun, with all of the reels spinning at once its almost like it is telling a story like you would see when reading a comic. The symbols themselves also take quite a comic book look, with the large lettering and drawn characters, you will also notice that the pay lines on the outside of the slot are images of speech bubbles, which is quite a fun way of showing off. Jack Hammer is a brilliant game to play you will love to watch the 15 reel spin and for those looking for entertainment you will find it here. The minimum bet will be 25p which is a great way to play if you enjoy gathering small wins and keeping your balance topped up, but even while on a small stake if you enter one of Netents slot bonuses you can get some big wins. It is not for nothing that there has been a Jack Hammer 2 created within months of the first launch.

Features and Bonuses

Jack Hammer’s bonus feature is also different to many other games, it has taken the free spin bonus and sticky wild feature that you see in games such as South Park and put them together. The bonus plays out as so. When you create a win line the symbols will stick in their places and a free spin will take place, if your next symbols also create a win line the same will happen again and so on, this will happen until you no longer have a win line when the reels spin. Playing a sticky win feature is a great way of mixing things up rather than seeing the same old bonus in every game. You will also trigger the sticky win bonus when three or more free spin symbols fall into the reels. On doing so the same will happen again, any win lines in the free spins will stick in their place while the other reels spin. Playing a bonus such as a sticky win is a great way to increase your balance, if you were a player lucky enough to fill the reels with matching symbols, who knows what could happen, except of course a massive win.