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Jackpot 6000


Jackpot 6000 is a great slot for the thrill seekers and entertainment lovers of online casino players . The slot will feature some great options to ouble and triple your wins and it also gives you the opportunity to grab some mystery wins. Without the option of a bonus feature such as free spins or pick and wins, Jackpot 6000 has made there own interesting ways to create a more entertaining game for its players. The slot itself takes its inspiration from the Norwegian slot machine Jackpot 2000. The game gives players a exciting experience and opens opportunities to increase already great wins. The Jackpot 6000 slot will take the same kind of look we see in the Mega Joker jackpot slot from Netent and features the same style of symbols with the joker and fruits. You will find that the Jackpot 6000 slot does have so much to offer its players while the classic games may not have the same excitement that all of the video slots have shown us they still bring a certain amount of anticipation in their games so that you always get a brilliant online experience and get the full enjoyment at a Netent Casino.

The Quality Of Jackpot 6000

Like we see in all of the classic slot games it is featured on a traditional slot machine, sat on the background of a casino lobby. To the bottom of the machine you will notice  different buttons, these can be used to adjust your bet size and also double wins. Starting from the far right, there you will have your spin button that will obviously spin the reels, you will also have the max bet button this will spin the reels at the maximum bet of £1. Moving more left you will see the buttons holding the head and tales symbols these will be used to gamble winnings but if you do not wish to do so, on the far left of the machine is the collect button so you can just take your winnings. You will also have your bet button to select your stake. All of it is set out on a traditional machine so for the players who have already used these before you will understand how it works. The slot itself is really fun looking and will create a very exciting game for its players giving you a brilliant experience and the chance to get hold of some massive wins. For players who are used to the Netent slots if you have ever tried the Gold Rush or Safari Madness slots then Jackpot 6000 is one you are sure to like just as much.

Features and Bonuses

Like many of the Netent classic slots collections you wont find any bonuses that include the free spins feature, however you will find plenty of opportunities to increase wins in exciting gamble ways. When you do create a win line the two head or tails buttons will begin to flash, this is where you are given the option to gamble your win, what you do is completely your choice and you can simply take what you have won. If you do choose to gamble you will select either heads or tails and on the screen of the slot machine a small image of a coin flip will begin to light up and if you were correct you will double your win and this option can be used more than once on a win. By playing the Jackpot 6000 slot you will be able to access some pretty large wins making the slot a lot more thrilling. At UK Netent Casinos you are sure to find this slot game as it is for players who enjoy the excitement of just getting a win. Always bringing us something great Netent have done well to bring us the Jackpot 6000 slot it has everything to suit every player, very adventurous with more than one way to win. Even without the bonus features that we see in the netent video slots like Zombies it still has the attraction to all thrill seeking players.