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Let it Ride


Let It Ride is a Poker game played at Netent Casinos, you will play the game with no less than 8 decks of cards. Poker is probably the biggest card game played worldwide, it requires plenty of skill to play. You will find Poker rooms in land based casinos and many varieties of it online like Netents Let It Ride. Now in this particular game of Poker you will aim to get a pair of tens or higher, this will make you a profit and is the best hands to get while playing. The Let It Ride table game will offer a bonus bet as well as your regular main bet. With Netents great 3d graphics and stunning set out you will see that they have gotten every detail right in the set out of the game. This certain game is very popular among the players at UK Netent Casinos, and in order to play it does require a few skills, for those who haven’t played poker you may find it a little hard to catch on to when playing but with Netents software all cards are dealt for you and the mathematics are worked out, this makes the game a lot easier to understand. You will play as you would a game of Poker but with the advantage of winning a bonus in play. It has become very popular at Netent Casinos and a well known game for players that play online with Net Entertainment software.

The Objective of Let It Ride

When you play the Let It Ride Poker game you will be dealt 3 cards and the dealer will receive 2 cards, you will try to make the best hand possible with the cards that you have. When you load up the Let It Ride Poker table you will see your betting space and the dealers, in front of you will be 3 circles that each have something different one will have the number 1, the next will have 2 and the third will read ante, you will place your chips on each circle with your desired amount. Once ready the cards will be dealt, 5 cards will be dealt on the table with three face up and two face down. The objective is to get a pair of tens or more, you are not playing against the dealer in this game like you would in a game of Blackjack. So once the cards have been dealt you will look and see if you have a pair, you are also asked if you would like to lower your bet by one chip if not you would Let It Ride, after that one of the face down cards will be shown to you and you will be able to see what kind of hand you have. After the first card has been shown to you, you will then once again be given the option to lower your bet or Let It Ride. And after making your decision the final card will be shown and you will see your full hand and be paid out on that or in the downside lose. That is the basic game of Let It Ride and by using the right skills you could get yourself some very good wins.

The Strategy Of Let It Ride

The strategy of Let it Ride is to always take into account the three cards you have shown, so you will Let It Ride if you have a pair of tens or more in your three cards or if you see that you have three cards that lead to a royal flush. As in any card game a royal flush will payout at the highest. You will take the same type of trick when you have four cards showing, you will observe what cards you have and have a lead to a paying hand then you will of course Let It Ride. This version of Poker is great because you are not playing against the dealer and you will be able to have the option of decreasing your bet. Poker is a massive game it is played worldwide and many players that come to online casinos look for a good software offering Poker. Netents Let It Ride Poker game is brilliant you will love the graphics in the game and Netent have set it all out beautifully for the player. Taking into consideration that it would probably take a bit of thinking while playing the game to ensure that you are making the best decisions with your hand that has been dealt. But there isn’t too much counting that needs doing, because the Netent software will be doing it for you and that is one of the best parts about playing online the hard bits are all worked out for you so that you get a straight through game and can concentrate more on your next move.