Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack


Blackjack is a card game that has become on of the biggest table games not only online but in land based casinos. You will be dealt two cards and will base all of your decisions on the hand you have, Live Blackjack is a very exciting game and will offer you the chance to get that real casino experience from the comfort of your own home. When you play at your UK Netent Casino and select a game of Live Blackjack you will be met at the table by a Live human dealer. When playing you will be sat with other players as it is a 7 seat table and all bets will be played Live. During a game of Live Blackjack you will be able to play side bets and it will give off that feeling that you are sat in a real Casino placing your chips at the table. Although there isn’t much skill needed in a game of Blackjack it does require a bit of patience, when you are playing with other players from the casino you will have to wait until their decision has been made before the dealers hand is fully revealed. In Live Blackjack the same rules apply, the dealer must hit on 16 and must stand on 17, you will still see one of the dealers cards shown face up and you can still double up and split cards. Live Blackjack will give you that great feeling that comes with playing at a table in a land based casino but will also give you the excitement that playing online gives, combining these two is a brilliant way to play and with Net Entertainments Live Casino games you are always sure to get the best experience.

The Objective Of Live Blackjack

The objective in Live blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21, or hit Blackjack which is of course 21. When you are seated at the table and placed your bets you will be dealt two cards, once you have received these you will be given your options to either hit or stand. If your two cards equal the value 9, 10 or 11 you will be given the option to double down, this means that you will pay in and receive one card only. Next if you are dealt two cards that are of the same value you can split the cards to give yourself two hands to play, this will cost you your bet so it will double what you have put on the table. Live Blackjack is very interesting some players may enjoy it as an escape from watching the software play for you, and those who spend a lot of their time playing online will like it because it is more interesting than an automated game. Live Blackjack tables are available to any player at the Netent Casino and you will fin it is stimulating and very entertaining to play. Blackjack is a well played game, you will find it at basically all online casinos and if you are a regular in land based casinos you will find they always offerquite a few Blackjack tables as many people do really enjoy the game. Playing at a Live Blackjack table from an online casino is brilliant because of the fact that you are sat at home, and being able to experience the inside of a casino while sitting on the couch is a great way to play.

The Strategy Of Live Blackjack

The strategy in Live Blackjack is to play your cards right, it is very different to playing an automated game at your online casino as they are just games between you and the dealer, no one else is involved so you only have your cards and the dealers to think about. Playing at the Live Blackjack table there will be 7 seats so there will be 6 other people at the table plus you and the dealer. You should always take this into consideration because the move of the player before you can affect your hand. When you are dealt your cards you will see what you hold and the one card that you can see of the dealers, your decision is based on this, because even though the other players are at the table you are not playing against them you are only playing against the dealer it is just that you are all playing from the same decks of cards and it takes a little more thought than you would find at an automated table. Playing Blackjack does also involve a little risk, you are trying to hit 21 or as close as possible, so when you see you have a higher number like maybe 14, it is whether the next card out of that shoe will be 7 or under. The dealer must stand on 17 and if you have a number such as 14 it takes a little bit of risk to try and get the right cards. Playing at a UK Netent Casino is already exciting but having a Live Blackjack table will excite and entertain you giving you the ultimate experience.