Live Roulette

Live Roulette


Live Roulette is a great table game to play for those looking for good thrills and an intense experience. The game of Roulette is played widely among online casinos and land based casinos, being able to play at a Live Roulette wheel from an online Casino will bring them both together and give you the ultimate experience. Many people that enjoy Roulette will love the experience of the Live Roulette, it will give you the feeling of playing in a land based casino while you are sat relaxing in the comfort of your own home. When you play at a Live Roulette wheel you will be welcomed by a human dealer, they will greet you when you enter the table and it will give you that great feeling you get when walking through the doors of your favourite casino and get ready to place your bets. The great part about playing at a Live Roulette Wheel and the reason that they are offered to Netent Casinos is because any player that comes online to play at online casinos either already has or wants to experience the thrills of being in a land based casino, and why get up and leave your home when you can get it all from the computer you sit at. At the Live Roulette wheel you will play as normal, all bets will be placed the same and you will still see a regular table, the only difference you will see in the look is obviously that it isn’t an actual betting table, you will see it the same as if you were playing an automated wheel at your Uk Netent Casino but you will also see above the table a Live broadcast of a dealer and a Live Wheel. The dealer will be in total control of the ball and will spin the wheel, rather than clicking a button to set it off yourself as you would at an automated game.

The Objective of Live Roulette

The objective in Live Roulette is exactly the same as at any Roulette table, it is to pick the right numbers and hope that the ball falls in it. When you are at a Live Roulette table you have to remember you are playing Live along with other players at the UK Netent Casino, during the Live Roulette, you will also be able to communicate with the dealer and other players at the table. You will place your chips on the table, and even though there are other players at the table you will have your own table to place your bets. When placing bets you will still have the same available, you can place your chips on either an inside bet or an outside bet, or even both it is all up to you. Inside bets consist of putting a bet on either a direct number, a split between two numbers or even a corner bet that will be placed on four numbers. Outside bets will be either, 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 along with red, black, odd and even. So as you see there are plenty of choices when playing at the Live Roulette table and it will still play out the way you would find it in a land based casino.

The Strategy Of Live Roulette

There is no real strategy when it comes to playing a game of Live Roulette, the aim of the game is to pick a winning number no skill is needed at all when you play playing Live Roulette is pure luck. But when you do play Roulette the best way to raise your account is to be lucky enough to get as many wins a possible altogether by this i mean each spin that takes plays wins in your favour. Live Roulette is an extremely exciting game to play you will feel the rush of being in that land based casino, the excitement of watching the Wheel spin and be able to watch all of your bets play Live. You will find at Netent Casinos that the stakes can change depending on where you play with some needing a higher stake on the outside bets than others. You will find that many online players enjoy a game of Live Roulette purely because it offers such thrills when you play, and even better you can watch other players at the casino with their bets on the table making you feel more involved in the game but without the drag of being in an actual casino with everyone trying to get their bets on the table at once. I am certain any Roulette players will love the Live Roulette table when playing at their UK Netent Casino it shows you everything you want and with the right amount placed at the table can give you some very big wins.