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Mega Joker


Mega Joker is one of Netents famous jackpot video slots, the look that you see in the mega Joker game is like no other. Great graphics and an all over good feel when you play. Although the slot can be a little confusing for players who have maybe only ever played on video slots and never found themselves playing a slot machine maybe down the local. When you load up the Mega Joker game after logging into your UK Netent Casino you will instantly see that the look is different as it is an actual slot machine rather than the video slots we usually see. Mega Joker offers players a surprise jackpot when they play. Giving you a brilliant online experience along with the chance to grab some great chance Netent have created a brilliant game for players to enjoy. Mega Joker is one of the highest paying slots from Netent with a payout percentage with 99.0%, this is massive and gives players more of a chance to get a win. The game is quite classic but still entertaining and although it may not be the most popular among the Netent slots it is still a good game to play. You won’t really see another slot like Mega Joker although it falls in maybe with the classic Netent slots like Pirates Gold and Super Nudge 6000. When you find your UK Netent Casino you should try out the Mega Joker game to see if it is one you would find interesting to play as some people do have different preferences on the games they enjoy most.

The Quality Of Mega Joker

Mega Joker is set out like a slot machine, so you will play the slot like you would when you play on an actual slot machine when in a pub or maybe bookies. Although slots that you find in bookmakers and casinos are well up to date from what they used to be but you will still get the fruit machines in the pubs or train stations and this is exactly what you would play in the Mega Joker game. The slot even lights up in the same way, with all the symbols and the logo in flashing lights like you would usually see. The way that Netent have created this slot is pretty great and very interesting to look at Myself i found it confusing as i wasn’t to familiar with the way fruit machines play, but you learn quick and understand how the game plays very easily. With the traditional look that Mega Joker has you will see the traditional symbols such as cherry’s, lemons, bells and the Joker. The slot has two levels to it, you will play your main game on the lower screen which has 3 reels, and when you create a win you will then be taken to the higher screen. It has a very fascinating look about it and is quite fun to play.

Features and Bonuses

In the Mega Joker slot you will not see the regular bonuses that we see in slots like Fruit Shop or Dragon Island. The Mega Joker slot is so different from all of the Netent slots that we see. You will play from the lower part of the machine and try to create a win from matching the symbols. When you do get a win you will then be taken to the higher machine, here you will be given the choice to either spin the higher machine to increase your win or you can simply collect your winnings and carry on playing from the lower screen. When you are playing the lower screen if you create a win with the Jokers you will be given the surprise win. The stakes in this slot are pretty simple you can play for 10p or you can play for £1 and that is basically it. To win the jackpot in the Mega Joker slot there isn’t really anything you need to trigger or do the jackpot will com in when it wants all you need to do is keep playing as much as you can to grab the jackpot win. In Mega Joker when you are taken to the higher level screen and play your bets will be doubled when you play meaning so will your wins, you can grab some really good wins on the Mega Joker slot.