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Mythic Maiden


Mythic Maiden has quite a chilling feel to it, with dramatic music and basically the whole set out. Taking place in a creepy attic previously owned by a traveler you will uncover plenty of mysterious gadgets. Mythic Maiden is a 5 reel, 30 pay line video slot from Netent. You will be able to access this game at any Netent or UK Netent Casino and the exciting features and huge multipliers are enough to show you a fantastic game. Mythic Maiden has a discovery theme to it you will search through the lost items that the traveler left behind. You will see such games like this from Netent a few times wen searching through their large list of video slots. Far from the colorful games such as Magic Love and Wild Water, Mythic Maiden takes more of a creepy turn in it’s theme. Lets not worry to much you wont be entering in to a horror filled game that will have you freaked out, Netent are pretty good at showing us entertainment and excitement without the need to scare us to are core. The thrilling features and fun look of the game is enough for anyone to enjoy and with this game you are sure to find not only a great online experience but you will have lots of fun while doing so.

The Quality Of Mythic Maiden

The look of Mythic Maiden is quite fun, even though it is supposed to take a scary turn it shows of some great skills with the symbols. You will see that the letter symbols in the game are created with the look of melted candles that have burnt out, this is a fun way to look at the game instead of just boring letters Netent have managed to create a great way of showing the symbols. Among the letter symbols you will also find an old red chest, giant spiders and old books held together by metal skull hands, all the things you would expect to find when rummaging through a lost attic. Taking in the background scene of the game you will be placed in the attic itself, you will see dust covered furniture, and old tribal looking ornaments. Creepy and yet still fun Netent have created something brilliant with the whole outlook of the slot. The graphics are brilliant and you will hear the sound of a draft drifting through the cracks in the roof giving of a truly chilling feeling For those who scare easily, maybe don’t play the game while alone in a dark room, just a suggestion. Mythic Maiden is like no other game from Netent, although there has been a few mystery games created, Mythic Maiden takes more of of a mystery meets horror film feel.

Features and Bonuses

Mythic Maiden holds some pretty great bonus features while you play, the most exciting feature of the game would be the ever popular free spins bonus, not only because free spins themselves are quite exciting but because you can grab a big multiplier during the bonus. To trigger the bonus feature you will need three or more scatter symbols to appear in the reels. When the scatters appear you will instantly be taken to the free spin bonus, during the free spins you will get up to 30 free spins. When the Free spins play the iron Maiden will be opened and can reveal a multiplier up to 10x your bet. It will reveal your multiplier or additional free spins, the iron Maiden will appear at the end of every spin. The free spin feature is a great way to boost your winnings, combining the multipliers in with the free spins and the additional free spins. Bonuses like this can be found in other Netent games such as Devils Delight and Elements. Mythic Maiden is enjoyable and thrilling, when you pay at your next UK Netent Casino you should give it a try and see what great prizes you can uncover.