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Red Dog


Red Dog is quite an odd table game. Extremely different to the other Netent table games we see like Double Exposure Blackjack and Casino Hold’Em. In Red Dog you will find it really easy to catch on to and although maybe not one of the most popular games at UK Netent Casinos it is still quite interesting. So we will get into how the table game works. You will be dealt three cards with the two outside cards being dealt face up and the middle card face down. The cards will be dealt after you have made your first initial bet, what you are hoping for is the middle card value to fall in-between the two outside cards. To explain further say you were dealt your three cards and the outside cards were a 2 and a 8, then you would need the middle card to be a 3, 4, 5, 6 or a 7. So it is quite simple to understand once you have played a few times. Once the cards have been dealt you will evaluate what you have and then decide if you would like to raise or call. If you are a new player at the Red Dog table you may be taken aback by the whole look of it, it isn’t one of the bigger table games so the look can be quite strange at first hand but it does come together nicely and the understanding of it is very simple.

The Objective of Red Dog

The objective of Red Dog is very basic, to pull out the right hand. You are not playing against anyone on this table game it is all you and it is really entertaining. The minimum bet at the table is £1 and for new players i would recommend you start with that to get a hang of things. You will place your initial bet on the ante and the game circles around the ante, so you will be playing for that card in the middle, if you have a large spread and you are confident then you can raise your bet if you wish to do so. The game pays out in simple ways, the spreads from 4 to 11 will pay you even money. If you get spreads of 1, 2 or 3 the pay will be more and will be 5:1, 4:1 and 2:1. It is all very simple to understand and once you get the hang of the game you will find it to be really entertaining and exciting. For those who are already fans of the Red Dog card game you will love Netents table. It gives off that classic look and will make you feel like you are sat playing in a real casino. Netent always deliver with their table games, they are very popular and many people playing at UK Netent Casinos love the table games. Red Dog is easy to pick up and the longer you play the more exciting it gets.

The Strategy of Red Dog

There is no real skill needed to play the Red Dog table game. When it comes to the strategy it is very basic. You will base your bets on the two cards in front of you, if you have a large spread the obvious choice is to go for it, so a spread of 7 or more is more than likely going to play in your favor and will minimize the house edge. I cant really say much about the strategy in the Red Dog game it is all about making the right choice. For those risk takers looking for a higher payout you will also enjoy this table game, as a smaller spread does pay a lot higher you can always take the risk to raise your bet and hop for the best. this is all the players decision and each person will play with their own style. You will find the Red Dog table game at many UK Netent Casinos and i am sure that all new players will pick it up easily and add it to their favorites.