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Roulette Touch

Roulette Touch®


Netents exciting game of Roulette Touch® is available to play on mobile. You may think that because Roulette takes a lot more at its table than we would see in a table game like Blackjack Touch® that you wouldn’t get i all in the screen. Netents skillful way of presenting their games has come in handy with this brilliant mobile table game. You will still play the game as you normally would, the option to re bet and select quick spin is still there. You can also still place as many bets as you would at the Roulette table on desktop, all that is different is that there is a smaller screen. The Netent Roulette Touch® table is very easy to read and will still give you that real casino feel. When you have chosen all of your bets and all chips are at the table you can spin the wheel. When you select spin the wheel will appear over the top of the table giving you full view of the ball rolling and landing in numbers. It is actually quite a great effect playing on mobile, Roulette Touch® is an intense game and to play it close up and be able to see everything that is going on makes it more thrilling. Roulette has become very popular among UK Netent Casinos, players will be very excited that one of the most popular table games is available on mobile.

The Objective Of Roulette Touch®

The objective in the game of Roulette Touch® always stays the same and will always be very simple. All you need to do id pick a winning number, yes easier said than done but Roulette Touch® is all about luck, there is no way to alter the wheel or plan out which number will be next. In the game of Roulette Touch® you will be presented with your betting table and you can select your chip size, then you will play how you prefer. Same bets will still be available in the mobile game, so you can bet on direct numbers, split bets and corner bets. On the outside of the table you can bet on 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12 along with odd, even, red and black. This is always great about playing Roulette Touch® you can play so many bets, and with the right amount on a winning number you can win huge. There is no way to force a number out Roulette is always a game of luck, but if your luck is in then the outcome can be brilliant. Netent have created perfect graphics in the Roulette Touch® game, everything is flawless and with the look of the table and you’re up close view it really does show that real casino experience.

The Strategy Of Roulette Touch®

There is no strategy whatsoever when it comes to Roulette Touch®. Maybe the only advice on how to get a win is to bet around your number. By this i mean that there are different areas on the Roulette Touch® wheel, so if you pick a number to place a direct bet on you should probably place bets on the numbers that surround it on the wheel, not at the table. By doing this it means that if the ball drops in the area where you have placed your bet you will still get a win. That is about the only strategy there is to playing a game of Roulette Touch®. A very popular table game it is great that Roulette Touch® can be enjoyed on mobile, many players at UK Netent Casinos enjoy a game of Roulette it is thrilling and very exciting so to have it on mobile is even better. Netents Roulette Touch® will allow you to get that in casino experience when you play, you can place all the bets you like and you will still get a minimum and maximum bet when you play. In Roulette Touch® the minimum will be £1 and the maximum bet on the table will be £500, this is huge so you can imagine that putting a large bet down will give back a large win, if the right number comes in. If you are a thrill seeker who likes to take the risk and make their own luck then playing Netents Roulette Touch® mobile game will be something you will enjoy.