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South Park Touch

South Park Touch®


Come and meet Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny in Netents wild mobile slot South Park Touch®. The massive T.V show has now made its way to our mobile phones, extreme fun and great features will be found when playing South Park Touch®. South Park is massive not only a hit T.V show but with there own big movie to. Th foul mouthed 8 year olds have been on our screens showing us funny entertainment and gathering millions of viewers over the years. Now with Netent bringing them to online gaming is brilliant, not only because South Park is a hit show but because it is very unique. You won’t see a slot like this again, it is a show about children who swear and one who gets killed off almost every episode, it shouldn’t be funny but it really is and that is what makes it so interesting that it was brought to the slots. During South Park Touch® you will find sticky wilds, three mini features and a bonus round. It is fair to say that the South Park Touch® slot has everything you need for that very exciting experience. In among the symbols in the slot you will see characters from the show, and some of them will make random appearances while you play. It is such an entertaining slot there is always something going on when you play and you will get a great experience from it. Offering new features in a never before seen style South Park Touch® is a great mobile slot that anyone can enjoy.

The Quality Of South Park Touch®

When it comes to the Quality in the South Park Touch® slot there is so much to say because it is just brilliant. When you enter a bonus feature in the slot it is almost as if you are watching the cartoon, the clips will leave you laughing and the graphics are just unreal. The really attractive part in the slot does have to be the features, yes we have seen some good bonuses in slots like Gonzo’s Quest Touch® and the Reel Rush Touch® slots but South Park Touch® will blow you away. Very funny and very smart. The characters in the slot play out perfectly and you will see the same attitude that the characters have in the show itself. When it comes to the symbols in the reels thy are just as enjoyable, you will see all four boys among the reels along with the wild symbols and the regular letter symbols. Hitting the perfect color scheme and showing us a look of the snowy town Netent have got it and on with this mobile slot. For those who are fans of the show you will already want to try out the slot when playing at your UK Netent Casino and you will love everything that it offers. Giving you the ultimate experience and showing you so many new features that you can never be bored, with every bonus feature there is something new and the characters that pop in and out of the slot on random features just adds to that great entertainment.

Features and Bonuses

In South Park Touch® you will find there are many different bonuses. Firstly you will have four different bonus rounds, to activate these you will need three or more bonus symbols in the reels and the bonus chosen will be random. You will have the Cartman bonus, in this game you will have to extinguish the hippies, you will be taken to another screen where Cartman stands fire extinguisher in hand ready to blast the hippies hiding in the bushes. During the game you will select bushes to squirt and you will either hit hippies and gain coins or you will hit the police officer. The first time you hit the police officer you will just get a warning and then get another chance in the bonus round if you get caught again you will be arrested and the bonus is over. You will also have the Kyle bonus this will be of free spins in which you will find the sticky wild symbol, the sticky wilds will stay on the reels for an extra spin to help create more win lines. Next you will find the Stan bonus, in this round you will re live the moments of a nervous Stan being sick everytime he tries to talk to his girlfriend Wendy. You will have to keep the sick flowing to keep the reels spinning and get the sticky wilds to hang around in the reels. Finally you have Kennys bonus, in this round you will try to collect coins without getting Kenny killed, if you kill Kenny the bonus is over. The South Park Touch® mobile slot is very exciting filled with bonuses and creates great laughs for players at UK Netent Casinos.