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Thrill Spin


As you will tell by the name Thrill Spin is here to show us some great Thrills and a brilliant experience. The 5 reel, 15 bet line video slot from Netent takes the style of a theme park. For the many of us who have been to a theme park you will know all about the excitement of going, as children the excitement started from the journey there. Getting worked up for the giant rollercoasters, penny slots and the huge ferris wheel, theme parks are a great place to be whether you are a child or an adult, the rush you get when sitting in the massive rides that are about to take off is a feeling of adrenalin and enjoyment. This is exactly what you will get when playing the Thrill Spin video slot, although this is the first slot we have seen from Netent that is inspired by a full theme park we have seen slots that are based on the attractions you would find there such as the Fortune Teller slot, which you would probably find when going to your local theme park. Thrill Spin gives us a great game to play and takes us back to the days of a treat to the fair with candy floss and hot dogs. The slot is suitable for any player you do not need to have a certain interest to play, just looking for a great win. Thrill spin will hand out some pretty large pay outs and shows you a fantastic experience.

The Quality Of Thrill Spin

In the background of the Thrill Spin slot you will see a large rollercoaster and blasting fireworks, the whole feel from the look of the slot is exciting and shows of a very Thrilling feel. You will find the symbols in the slot to be of theme park tickets these will hold the letter symbols you will also see, a ferris wheel a haunted house and horses from the merry-go-round. All of these symbols will appear among many other theme park style symbols. the slot offers a free spin bonus along with the wild symbol, both of these are great in the Netent slots and can help to give some huge pay outs. The whole slot is just fun and with the animation style that we see in such slots as Wonky Wabbits and Robin Hood, it is a great slot that everyone will enjoy playing. The Thrill Spin slot is packed with lots of different fun symbols and shows off all that Netent can do, it is the type of slot that you can’t get bored with, with very spin there is something new and it is a fresh game to be introduced to us. When you log into your UK Netent Casino the Thrill Spin slot is one you should search for, giving you laughs, big wins and one of the best online slot experiences.

Features and Bonuses

Thrill spin like many of the slots offers the wild symbol, the wild symbol will be of a girl riding on the roller coaster. The wild symbol in the slot will substitute for all other symbols in the slot except the scatter symbol. A wild symbol will help to create a win line and in the Thrill Spin slot it will double all wins when in an active bet line. If three or more of the scatter symbols appear in the reels you will activate the free spin bonus, free spins will be found in almost all of the Netent slots including the popular Victorious slot. When you trigger the free spin bonus you will receive 15 free spins. This is a good amount of free spins to have as it can play out a little longer and gives you the chance to get more wins. The best part about the free spins, is that they are free having a large amount of spins like the 15 you get in Thrill Spin is a great bonus to have, it will not cost you anything and depending on what your stake was on entering the bonus will keep your balance well up. Netent always give us a good show and great entertainment in their video slots, this is why they have become so popular among UK Casinos and you find many of the UK Casinos dedicating their time purely to Netent games.